New and Noteworthy: What I Read This Week—Edition 221

Research of the Week
Micronutrients for mitochondria.

Grass-fed meat and milk are higher in phytonutrients.

Keto diets with 5% protein might be bad for heart function. What a joke.

High-intensity lifting plus chocolate milk equals muscle growth for young men.

Lactase persistence allowed greater calorie intake.

New Primal Kitchen Podcasts
Primal Health Coach Radio: Ethan Schiff

Primal Kitchen Podcast: Putting Longevity Under the Microscope with Timeline CEO, Chris Rinsch
Media, Schmedia
Former vegan, current carnivore Bear Grylls has regrets.

How might food alleviate anxiety?
Interesting Blog Posts
The USDA admits seed oil is toxic.

Prozac is unsuitable for minors.
Social Notes
The importance of working out with your significant other.
Everything Else
Bison lick each other to calm down.

Recycling and micro plastics.

It’s impossible to map an individual’s longevity using population-wide correlations (and even causations).
Things I’m Up to and Interested In
It’s not that important: The religion of pre- and post-workout meal timing.

Agreed: Constant supervision hurts kids’ mental health.

Nice talk: Big issues for lab grown meat.

Claim tested: Does blending olive oil make it bitter?

Interesting: Does altitude training help?
Question I’m Asking
If you’re a parent, how much do you supervise your kids?
Recipe Corner

Tandoori chicken.
Kafti bi bandora.

Time Capsule
One year ago (May 6 – May 12)

Want to Be More Productive Working From Home? Tap Into Your Senses—Avoid them.
How to Use a Foam Roller—There’s an art to it.

Comment of the Week
“Great article Mark. I would boil down my approach to life and fitness by saying I don’t let anything stop me from trying to do the things I want to do. At 54 years old I’m taking up mountain biking for the first time. A lot of people would call me crazy but my answer is why? I also race drones, a hobby I didn’t start until 48 years old. If there is something you want to do why would you let anything, even age, stop you? Sure there are risks but it’s more risky in my opinion not to take the risks. I take a very similar approach to eating but it’s a bit more nuanced. I eat low carb and only eat when I feel the need to eat. I’ve found that my health and level of fitness is best when I follow those guidelines I’ve set for myself. Again, thanks for the article and all the inspiration.”

-Love to hear it.

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